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The big brother simply needs his own space. He will have to be full of virtues and be an example for the other brothers and sisters. This is the case between siblings Akito and Akiko Himenokouji, a brother and a sister who lost their parents when they were young. Since they lost their parents, Akito and Akiko were sent to live with different foster families. What is Onii-chan? Lily at first is reluctant to believe he will be her brother, but as they face several obstacles together, she eventually bonds with him and even calls him otouto. So this a two part question. But we are talking about the familiar context here, so… what happens when we add -san or -chan? So, both hierarchy and tradition are kept in the sacred space of the family home.

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This is the story of Lily, a normal girl who is tired of watching her parents fight. Anime Boys. Although sometimes, Kyodai can be used with the political family.


Just remember that Kyodai is used in the case of male offspring. There is a certain tension, as it is expected that Nanba does better in life than his otouto remember the family traditions we have talked about! Kinjirareta Kankei 7 Kohen - Scene 3 views: So, if you want to grasp how is to have a brother in Japan, look no further than Uchuu no kyoudai.

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Kinjirareta Kankei 7 Zenpen - Scene 1 views: The hierarchy also means that expectations of the role of each member of the family are different. After watching what they think is a UFO crossing the night sky, they promise to become astronauts.

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Sometimes all these requirements are too much for the big brother, so he chooses to have a certain distance from the smaller siblings… which does not mean that he does not care for them. Otouto in anime usually are the cutest characters ever! Since they lost their parents, Akito and Akiko were sent to live with different foster families. Forum Settings Forums. Just remember that Kyodai is used in the case of male offspring. What is Kyodai? See you soon! Eva views: Fast forward to adulthood, and we find Nanba the onii-san in a boring company job. So, it is time for questions.

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Kinjirareta Kankei 7 Kohen - Scene 2 views: 32 Honey's Anime. What is Onii-chan? Anime Discussion.

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It looks like the time they spent apart was irrelevant, at least for Akiko. For the Japanese, it is important to have a male successor who will have several main duties: contribute to the perpetration of the family, become the head of the household, and take care of his parents after their retirement. Let us remember that Japanese society is hierarchical.

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